Supplier Selection Guides for Operational & Engineering Technologies

ARC Supplier Selection Guides for Operational & Engineering Technologies (OT/ET) provide you with a straightforward way to solve your knowledge and information challenges, enabling you to learn and implement the art of possible and, ultimately, differentiate yourself competitively. We do so through the world’s largest library of operational and engineering user-focused knowledge. ​

​Via Technology Insights, Strategy Reports, ARC View Use Cases, and Technology Supplier Evaluation and Selection Guides; we provide balanced, unbiased information that is simply not available anywhere else. Our research is produced by ARC analysts that have decades of experience on the job as end users themselves, from the plant floor to the enterprise, and that is reflected in our industry-leading research, from strategy reports to use cases.  And we have off-the-shelf and subscription delivery options, as we know different people and job roles need access to information in different ways. ​

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ARC Technology Supplier Evaluation and Selection Guides can help a technology selection team find common ground, with lower risk and in far less time.  What technologies should you adopt and what suppliers should you work with to help position your company to take advantage of the latest round of technology changes while prioritizing your investments wisely?  ARC Technology Supplier Evaluation and Selection Guides help you by:​

  • Explaining new technologies, new practices, and emerging standards​
  • Outlining the latest industry trends related to the technology​
  • Providing high-quality selection criteria​
  • Describing leading and emerging suppliers and their solutions​

ARC Technology Supplier Selection Services

Working with ARC will ensure your selection process is impartial, fact based, expeditious, thorough, and fair for all involved.  The ARC STAR product is a scalable offering that can be tailored to meet your needs based on your knowledge, bandwidth, and time constraints.  We can deliver the toolset, and have our analysts as involved as you would like, to facilitate the process flow and management of information.  In the end, you'll have made the best possible decision, and will have documented the process fully for team records and management signoff.  Please visit Technology Supplier Evaluation Selection Services to learn more about our STAR process.

Technology Supplier Evaluation and Selection Process

Technology Supplier Selection Guides

Title Author
3D Scanners Selection Kiran Chavan
AC Drives Selection Himanshu Shah
Additive Manufacturing System Selection
Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Planning Guide Michael Guilfoyle
Advanced Process Control Selection Peter Reynolds
Alarm Management Applications Selection Larry O'Brien
Artificial Lift Optimization Selection
Asset Integrity Management Software Selection Inderpreet Shoker
Automation Project Service Providers Mark Sen Gupta
Batch Management Software Selection Janice Abel
Collaborative Robots Selection Sal Spada
Compressor Monitoring and Controls Selection Tim Shea
Control Valves Selection David Clayton
Cybersecurity Anomaly and Breach Detection Solution Selection Larry O'Brien
Discrete Automation Technology and Supplier Selection
Distributed Control Systems for Power Generation Selection Harry Forbes
Distributed Control Systems Selection Harry Forbes
Electrochemical Analyzers Selection Constanze Schmitz
Emission Monitoring Systems Selection Vidya Prasad
Energy Management System Selection Florian Güldner
Engineering Design Tools Selection Dick Slansky
Enterprise Asset Management Software
Enterprise Manufacturing Operational Intelligence Janice Abel
ERP in the Cloud Software Greg Gorbach, Steve Clouther
Field Service Management Software Selection
Fire and Gas Systems Selection Vidya Prasad
Flowmeter Selection
General Motion Control Selection Siddhartha Maiti
Global Outsourcing Service Provider Selection
HMI SCADA Software Selection Craig Resnick
Industrial and Outdoor Wireless Access Points Selection Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Cellular Routers Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Ethernet Devices Selection Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Ethernet Switch Selection Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Software Platforms Selection Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Gateways and Routers Selection Chantal Polsonetti
Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Sal Spada
Intelligent Pumps for the Digital Oilfield Selection
Intelligent Pumps Selection
Inventory Tank Gauging Devices Selection
Laboratory Information Management Systems
Leak Detection Systems Selection Tim Shea
Low Voltage Motor Control Centers Sal Spada
Machine Safeguarding Solutions Selection Anju Ajaykumar
Machine Vision Systems Selection Anju Ajaykumar
Main Automation Contractor Larry O'Brien
Managed Transportation Services Steve Banker
Manufacturing Execution System for Process Industries Selection Janice Abel
Manufacturing Execution Systems for Discrete Industries Selection Janice Abel
Microgrid Automation Systems Selection Rick Rys
Multicarrier Systems Steve Banker
Multiphase and Virtual Flow Metering Selection Tim Shea
Oil & Gas Operations Technology and Supplier Selection
Oilfield Drilling Optimization Systems Selection
Oilfield Operations Management Systems Selection Tim Shea
Operational Analytics for Industry Selection Michael Guilfoyle
Operational Historians/Data Platforms Selection Janice Abel
Operator and Immersive Training Simulator Janice Abel
Packaging Operations Management Systems Sal Spada
Pipeline Scheduling Solutions Selection Tim Shea
Plant and Infrastructure Design Software Selection
Plant Asset Management System Selection Inderpreet Shoker
PLCs and PLC-based PACs Control Systems Florian Güldner
Pressure Transmitters Selection Vidya Prasad
Process Analyzers Selection Constanze Schmitz
Process Automation Technology and Supplier Selection
Process Engineering Simulation Software Selection Peter Reynolds
Product Lifecycle Management Selection Marianne D’Aquila
Proximity and Photoelectric Sensors Selection Rajkumar Paira
Rail Asset Management System Selection
Safety Instrumented System Selection Larry O'Brien, Mark Sen Gupta
SCADA Systems for Oil and Gas Production and Pipeline Mark Sen Gupta
SCADA Systems for Power T&D Rick Rys
SCADA Systems for Water and Wastewater Mark Sen Gupta
Smart Lighting Systems Selection Jim Frazer
Smart Sensors Selection Naresh Kumar Surepelly
Subsea Controls Selection
Supply Chain Planning Selection Steve Banker
Temperature Transmitters Selection Vidya Prasad
Transportation Management Systems Selection Steve Banker
Ultrasonic Level Measurement Devices Selection
Vibration Sensors Selection Naresh Kumar Surepelly
Warehouse Management System Selection
Warehousing Services Provider Selection Steve Banker
Wireless Devices in Process Manufacturing Selection Harry Forbes